My name is Jack.
And I'm an alcoholic*


This is my confession. I'm addicted to designing for the drinks industry.

As a designer with over three decades of experience, an enviable reputation, and a barrel-load of award-winning work, I don't need to see a specialist.
I am one.

It’s not always about the booze.

Some days I don’t touch the stuff. I have spent over 34 years working on all sorts of projects for all sorts of clients. I cut my teeth at top agencies all over Europe where I worked with big brands; alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike. When I’m not on the booze, I work with people in industries such as food, FMCG, retail, jewellery and hospitality.


Somewhere along the way, the drink got to me.

Maybe it was because I was brought up in Scotland, where (let’s face it) drink runs through our veins. Or maybe it was because I found I was pretty good at it. 

Now, I'm hooked. I’ll design anything I can get my hands on: labels, gift boxes, literature, point of sale. I even design bottles and crystal decanters.

My clients adore my straight-up, un-bullshit approach. The more work they give me, the more I want. I crave it.


My affliction could be great for your brand.
Call +61 416 853 063


“Jack understands our brands and their DNA, and is therefore able to proactively come to the table to help us evolve and optimise our ranges.”
Terroirs Distillers


*Dear Mum, I'm not actually an alcoholic. No need to call anyone.