The Little Guy coffee brand

  • Brand naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Website
  • Brochure

A beautifully made and beautiful to look at stove top espresso maker with an identity problem. Due to worldwide copyright issues, the client needed to come up with a new name to re-launch his coffee maker brand. I helped him come up with his new brand name, designed a new logo, brochure, website and created all the packaging design.

“I receive compliments every day as a direct result of Jack’s talent and hard work. I have been able to completely entrust my brand to Jack because of his vast experience and ability to step outside the job and look back in from my customer’s viewpoint. The collaborative process is an absolute pleasure, from concept to roll-out, with problem solving being fun, self-reflective and educational. I couldn’t recommend Jack highly enough as a professional who cares as much as I do about every detail and the end result.”
Craig Hiron, Owner, The Little Guy Pty Ltd.

Jack Rodgers